Project Zomboid (2013) РС Torrent

Title: Project Zomboid
Year: 2013
Genre: Simulator
Developer: The Indie Stone
Publisher: The Indie Stone
Publication Type: License (GOG)
Game Version: 33.19
Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
Language: None
Tablet: Not required

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Dual Core 2.7 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Video Card: 512 MB, OpenGL 2.1
Sound card: compatible with OpenAL
Free space on HDD: 2 GB

Project Zomboid – Promising Survival-RPG, in which you try to survive in a city filled with zombies million. There is no escape, there is no cure. The end is near … get ready for it. Fully open world as it is now fashionable to call – sandpit. In any home, you can come in and ransack every cabinet. The streets are not empty, there is a constant – movement. This is already done, but the ground for fantasy and vast improvements. There is no ultimate goal, the last boss or job. The only goal – to survive and hold on as much as possible. In the end, you still die. But how much you can last and what will be the last step, that is the concern. The atmosphere in an amazing game – will not carp. You alone against the whole world, and only depends on you, what will you eat tomorrow, and what kind of house you zabarrikadirueshsya tonight.

A huge city with the surrounding area, to rob, kill and explore.
– Hardcore survival simulation in the open world, captured by the living dead.
– Multiplayer with support for custom servers.
– Local co-op mode for 4 people in split screen mode.
– Detection system and dynamic lighting: zombies you see and hear.
– Stay in the shade, avoid making noise, turn off the light at night, and, in any case, the window curtain drapes.
– An extensive area for the study, which outlines remind the scenery outside your window. Explore, settle in, to survive.
– Use a variety of tools, create weapons and barricades, cook food. And if you learn to work with wood and trunks cut – you can even build a fort and hide it from the zombies.
– Invent ways to deal with hunger, thirst, sickness, boredom and depression.
– Night follows day. Electricity supply is unreliable. Zombies stagger everywhere. Winter Is Coming. Nature takes its.
– Farming, fishing of wild animals, cooking and customization of characters – increase your skills it depends on how you spend your time.
– Classic zombies that do not run (unless you choose the appropriate option from the menu).
– Atmospheric music by Zack Beaver.
– In addition to basic survival mode: the harsh trials and special treatment “to the last man.”
– Support for mods.

Before installation, it is recommended to shut down background programs, including anti-virus!

1. Run setup.exe.
2. Install the game, following the instructions of the installer.
3. Play.

Project Zomboid – In Development Trailer


Project ZomboidProject ZomboidProject Zomboid

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