Level 22: Gary’s Misadventure (2016) PS3 Torrent


Title: Level 22: Gary’s Misadventure
Year: 2016
Genre: Action
Developer: Noego
Publisher: Noego
Code disc: NPEB02332
Area: EUR
Publication Type: License
Serviceability checked: Yes [HABIB 4.76 v1.00 Cobra]
Language: English
Type of translation: No

The protagonist of the next game by the name of Harry works in the usual office, taking in it pretty rows of office. It would seem that there is nothing supernatural with it can not happen, but not so! Ordinary life can be fun stealth-action game, what you now see. After another drinking binge at the weekend in one of the town’s bars, he wakes up with a terrible hangover, so that barely remembers himself. With horror, looking at the clock, you realize that late in the workplace. Hastily assembled, you find yourself in front of the door to the office. But here’s the thing: at this moment there passes the audit, and on-site is all superiors. And so, it’s time to turn all your super spy skills. Come into the office unnoticed by his colleagues and directors to hide from them in the most unexpected places. Your door will be the saviors of toilets and cabinets, it is here that no one can have “burn.” Please note that your workplace is already on the 22nd floor, which is why so many levels expects each player.

Pryachtes toilets, crouch through the vent, sneak along the walls … no one should have to notice!
Use all that you see to pass the level: hide behind a newspaper, kick a vending machine, or distract the guards using donuts.
To reduce their colleagues crazy to cut down them, pour them a laxative, or even expose them to radiation.


Level 22: Gary’s MisadventureLevel 22: Gary’s MisadventureLevel 22: Gary’s Misadventure

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