Overlord: Raising Hell (2007) Xbox 360 Torrent

▪ Title: Overlord: Raising Hell
▪ Release Date: November 2007
▪ Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person / Compilation
▪ Developer: Triumph Studios
▪ Publisher: Codemasters
▪ Language: | Rus]
▪ Transfer type: the text + sound
▪ Firmware: FreeBoot
▪ Size: 2.5 GB

In the new game from the creators of the series Age of Wonders you have to try on the heavy armor of the dark lord. Waking up after a long sleep you reoccupied the throne and your task is to rebuild the empire of evil. Your right hand, and labor forces are blindly worshiping you goblinopodobnye beings submissively fulfilling any orders. Restore from the ruins of the Dark Tower, stronghold of your power, home to hundreds of your wards. Erect a giant foundry, gloomy basements, where they will languish defeated enemies, and do not forget about the private apartments, where a faithful mistress can take a break from conquering the world. Learn deadly spells and create an army, one of its kind suggestive fear in the enemy. Only on your actions will depend, will determine whether the next village residents meet you with flowers and songs, as a liberator, or terrified you are to erect altars and sacrifice the most beautiful girls, begging for mercy.

Flowering earth, loyal subjects and iron discipline – peaceful and relaxing routine of the Dark Lord. But in the depths of the conquered lands still restless: bubbling cauldrons, flames, ancient deities and their minions crazy, restless spirits of the fallen heroes – a great chance to prove their right to the throne, and stop all this underground orgy on the vine. Of particular difficulty level will add a spark to those who underworld and small, and two new multiplayer modes will be a pleasant surprise for fans of collective villainy.

“The unique combination of elements of action, strategy and RPG. Commanded the armies of their wards.
“Lead your army and destroy the enemies right and left to burn out entire villages powerful spells or simply contemplate the chaos and destruction, bursting demonic laughter.
“Sparkling black humor, unobtrusive music and excellent animation characters will make your way to world domination easy and enjoyable.
“The fate of the fairy world is in your hands: free people from the tyranny of the seven Lords and become the ruler of light or become a true master of evil, sowing death and destruction.


Overlord: Raising HellOverlord: Raising HellOverlord: Raising Hell


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