The Game of Life: The Official 2016 Edition (2016) PC Torrent

Title: The Game of Life: The Official 2016 Edition
Year: 2016
Genre: Casual
Developer: Marmalade Game Studio Ltd
Publisher: Marmalade Technologies
Publication Type: License
Language: RUS | ENG | MULTI9
Voice set Language: ENG
Tablet: Not required

✔ Operating system: Windows 7
✔ Processor: 1.3 Ghz
✔ Video Card: DirectX 10 Compatible
✔ Memory: 2 GB RAM
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
✔ Hard disk space: 700 MB

The game of life – table games enthusiasts will appreciate this game, but for those who are simply interested in it, focus on the main points. So, the game is a field lined with cells and moves the drum in the middle – an analogue of any board game with dice and pawns. Krutanuv drum, you will learn how the cells in front (or back, depending on the luck) you move across the field. The field is the whole way of life of man. So the passing game, and you will fall in love and get married, has kids, take a walk at the wedding, get education, and pay taxes, fines, etc. The game is designed for 4 players -. Or even with your friends on the same device or with a computer. The game is bright and interesting, will enable to pass any time fun and easy!

1. Install the game
2. Play


The Game of Life: The Official 2016 EditionThe Game of Life: The Official 2016 Edition

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