Nier Replicant [JPN] [RePack] (2010) PS3 Torrent

▪ Title: Nier Replicant
▪ Release Date: April 22, 2010
▪ Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
▪ Developer: Cavia
▪ Publisher: Square Enix
▪ Code disc: BLJM-60223
▪ Publishing Type: RePack
▪ Language: Nier Replicant [JPN] [RePack] [2010 | Rus]
▪ Voice Language: Nier Replicant [JPN] [RePack] [2010 | Rus]
▪ Firmware: CFW 4.21+
▪ Size: 6.48 GB

NieR Replicant – this adventure action with a third person from the company Cavia. Place the game takes place in a fictional world, which devastated the plague. A terrible virus called Black Scrawl did not spare anyone. Nier – the so-called main character, whose sister is infected with a deadly plague. The main task of the player – in whatever was to find a cure. In NieR Replicant thoughtful and complex plot, with a clear tinge of despair and drama. Event-line interwoven with the heavy atmosphere of human wailing and searing pain doomed to destruction of the world. Extremely friendly and nice gameplay quality of flavored spices of a good action and hurricane bursts of magical power. The main character is given a wide arsenal of weapons, and a rich variety of magical skills, which are very useful in battle.

• Do not cut
• files from the archive STABLE.SDAT handed down in the main game folder to support the launch of an external FAT32 HDD


Nier Replicant Nier Replicant Nier Replicant

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