POLLEN [RePack] (2016) PC Torrent

Year of release: 20 April 2016
Publishing Type: RePack
Genre: Adventure, 3D, 1st Person
Developer: Mindfield Games
Published: Mindfield Games
Games Version: 1.0.0
Language: Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese
Language: English
Tablet: enclosing (CODEX)

System requirements:
– Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
– Processor: Intel Core-i3 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 3.0GHz
– Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX650 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
– Memory: 4 GB RAM
– Sound card compatible with DirectX
– Hard disk: 8 GB

P · O · L·L · E · N, atmospheric and mysterious game in which you appear to explore the huge space station. The planet Saturn has a Titan. Titan – Research Station. The station lost people. You – an experienced mechanic who asked to investigate the circumstances of disappearance. Your experience and technical expertise will be invaluable in this mission, but there will have amazing discoveries that are clearly beyond the scope of your professional competence. Do not be afraid: although the study of Titan’s secrets may take more than one pass, the road will definitely be interesting. And in any case, with what will admire: the world has turned out an incredibly detailed, he just wanted to touch it, and press all the buttons and pull levers for the different … Do not limit yourself! Only in this way, by experiment, and you can get to the bottom of all mysteries “stations” … including those who dig up and did not cost …
Look at both, go dangerous, but do not forget to look around, not to miss any of the thrilling spectacle of the universe – this can be seen only on a space-based, or … Well, in the game P · O · L·L · E · N

One game, two atmospheres
Play P · O · L·L · E · N are two completely different ways to pass a fascinating game-study in the first person with a normal monitor or immerse themselves in the virtual reality of Titan.

FULL interactive environment
We wanted to recreate the feeling of being on a real lunar research base, so almost all the stations on the “M” interactively. The most simple and inconspicuous object may be the key to unlocking the secrets of one of the stations.

complex plot
What lies beneath the surface of Titan? The feel of the existential journey P · O · L·L · E · N, intriguing and surprising, will stay with you for a long time, even after you leave the base. Go back to the Station “M” to discover new facets of history that might remain behind the scenes in the previous passage.

UUNIKALNAYA sound environment
Atmospheric sounds Station “M” too much can tell – exploring the 13th lunar base, “Rama”, do not forget to listen to them. P · O · L·L · E · N supports binaural sound transmission system in real time, which allows you to perceive sounds most natural way, familiar to the human ear.

Features RePack’a:
• Do not cut | Nothing is converted;
• Game archives are not touched;
• Installation time ~ 3 minutes;
• The language changes in the settings of the game;




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