Kim [Early Access/Demo] (2016) PC Torrent

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Title: Kim
Release Date: April 11, 2016
Genre: RPG
Developer: The Secret Games Company
Publisher: The Secret Games Company
Game Version: 0.1.6
Publication Type: License
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free)
Size: 149 MB

√ Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
√ Processor: Dual Core
√ RAM: 2 GB
√ Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / AMD Radeon HD 3670 / Intel Graphics HD 3000
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 2 GB

Kim – role-playing game with an open world, inspired by one of the most famous novels of Rudyard Kipling. If you, for some strange reason skipped the lessons of literature, especially foreign ones, it was a big mistake: how much you have missed! Only one work by R. Kipling, which is … It’s good that there are video games that will not only help to fill gaps in knowledge, but also infuse new interest in classic books. teen History Kimball O’Hara, the protagonist of the novel and the game Kim truly exotic: Irish descent, he was born in India, in the family of a soldier, who decided not to return to their homeland. Kim Fate (! For those who have not read the novel, there may be spoilers) developed appropriately miraculously he managed to stay a beggar, an assistant trader horses, llamas pupil, and finally present a scout. And if all the Kipling stories submitted through expertly written texts in the XXI century the problem of young Indo-Irish have to decide to end consumers, that is, we are with you. Hiding from the enemy, fighting with the active pause, branching dialogue and randomly generated levels – British classics it all and never dreamed of, but for modern people it is a usual thing.


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