MadOut (2015) PC Torrent

Title: MadOut
Year: June 6, 2015
Genre: Racing (Cars), 3D
Developer: Nuligine
Publisher: Nuligine
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian, English
Language: No, it is not required
Medicine: Present (TiNYiSO)

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8
Processor: 1.5 GHz
Video Card: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 300 MB

Madout – arcade-fighting race. Gouging, bouncing on the bumps do not always fit into the rotation, they fly at maximum speed, drawn by one desire: to catch. Win. Rivals were better in every way. Take first place. Where in other games you can push the enemy side, introducing it with a sharp turn, here you can shoot him the hell out of the wheel so that it beautifully screaming, turned his back on the track and colorfully exploded. There are no rules – only the need to win and you can create any chaos. Shoot missiles, crop, better weapons, mining track – to all the other drivers were trembling. It can also be improved and the machine. They were 15, each unique and different from others. Exterior view, speed, obeying the helm, the severity – here, in a world that is subject to the physics almost as well as real, all this is very important. Not vedesh on trampoline – bye, car, start all over again.

15 different vehicles, from sports cars fast and easy to not kill 6 wheeled jeeps
Over 50 unique tracks, city of skyscrapers replaced scorched desert, abandoned airport Cote d’Azur
Different weather – bright sunny day, dark night with a thick fog
The opponents on the track will not allow to relax – as it also tends to be the first!
Physics Machinery – very well established, “NOT UTUYUG” and “not a simulator,” a cross and above all very nice to play with!
Destroy the world – spread the poles, trees, fences!
Weapons – rockets, machine guns and mines
Levels elaborated specifically for racing games, smooth turns and a full understanding of where to go!
Bonuses on the track – Health, Armor, Nitrogen, Weapon!
Excellent special effects, explosions, explosions, smoke from the wheels, the light from the headlights to the shadows! All wrong!
* Realistic destruction – windows and doors will be on the ground after the first rocket! A machine can smash the enemy into the trash!

How to install:
1. Mount image and install
2. Copy the contents of TiNYiSO folder in a folder with a game, with the replacement of
3. Play



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