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Title: Tales from the Void
Year: 2016
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: PortaPlay
Publisher: Black Dog
Publication Type: License
Language: RUS | ENG | Multi6
Voice set Language: ENG
Tablet: Is present (POSTMORTEM)


✔ Operating system: Windows 7
✔ Processor: AMD A10 6700 (Quad core 3,4GHz)
✔ Memory: 8 GB RAM
✔ Video card: GeForce GT 640
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
✔ Free hard drive space: 2 GB


“Shortly before the last exit in the sea HMS E18 local fortune teller said to the captain, Lieutenant-submarine R.S.Halahanu (RC Halahan), that his life was in great danger, and it made a big impression on the superstitious halahala” – Gudhard Francis (Francis Goodhart) , commander of HMS E8 (Wikipedia). In June 1916, at the height of World War I, mysteriously vanished British submarine HMS E18, to perform the mission in the cold salty waters of the Baltic Sea. In 2009, the submarine wreckage was finally found. But what actually happened to the crew of HMS E18? Get ready for a new game inspired by the real story. “Tales from the Void» (Tales from the Void) – is atmospheric tactical game in real-time, created under the influence of science fiction adventure stories of the early 20th century. In the role of Edwin Albert Taylor Bragg, British captain HMS E18, you are transported into the distant time, full of adventure, heroism and mystery. You have a secret mission in the waters of Germany, during which the need to destroy the Germans and help the Allies win the war, using a specially designed for this advanced experimental weapon. But when the gun misfires, you and your crew to fall through space and find yourself in the distant asteroid. Food is scarce, the air supply is running out, but time is running out. It is a desperate struggle for survival. Overcoming hunger and cold, you have to equip their marines, and after leaving the submarine, go out in the asteroid field, to find the necessary resources and fight the hostile creatures while trying to find his way home. Can you escape from the emptiness?


– Ability to configure and monitor your brave crew of marines to investigate asteroids around you and fight the ubiquitous alien threat.
– Play in real time with the ability to slow down time to plan their actions and the application of co-ordinated attacks.
– Traffic on the basis of physics and fighting in conditions of low congestion.
– Go to the missions of collecting materials and acquisition of funds required to return home before the end of the suitable time and resources.
– Ability to play an extensive single-player campaign with half randomized missions and ongoing narrative.
– Uncontrolled structure – attempts, failures, unlock equipment, repeated attempts and successes, until the road home is found.


1. Mount image, install the game
2. Copy the contents of the folder “POSTMORTEM” in the folder with a game, to be replaced.
3. Play



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