Title: Eador. Imperium
Release Date: June 2, 2016
Genre: Strategy (Turn-based), 3D
Developer: Snowbird Games
Publisher: Snowbird Games
Platform: PC
Version: 2.0.3 (Early Access)
Publication Type: SteamRip
Language: Russian, English
Tablet: Present (3DM | ALI213)

System requirements:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 / Vista / 7/10
Processor: Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 1.6 / AMD 3000+
Video card: GeForce 8800 / Radeon X1900
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk Space: 4 GB
Sound Card: DirectX® compatible


“Eador Empire.” – It is an independent addition to Eador series, known for its combination of global strategy, role-playing elements and turn-based tactics. The game starts in the early access to new heroes, new units and new gameplay mechanics for the series. Currently, players can try out the 4 new characters and 15 new units. Especially for this purpose we have prepared four separate scenarios, each of which starring one of the added characters and the army of the new units. New heroes are not yet available in regular battle for a fragment, but soon we will add this feature in the game. The full version of the game will include a new single player campaign, about 15 new units (in addition to the new added), as well as a new gaming system based on Masters and rituals. All this – in addition to the original content “Eador”.

Features at the start of Early Access:

15 new units
New winter world on the ruins of
New tactical map
4 new characters:
– Legate: a high-ranking officer of the Imperial Legion. Legates never condescend to the field command of the rank and file, their destiny – to lead into battle elite warriors of high rank. Upon reaching level 10, the legate receives a post lictor, giving up, and soldiers from the 2nd rank – but no one will be able to lead into battle as soldiers of 3rd and 4th grade, as legate, and especially lictor.
– Leach: powerful magician and master of necromancy. His appearance is so terrible, that no living creature does not enter into his army. At the same time it necrotic aura is so strong that the dead do rise from the ground, joining his squad every turn. With the growth of its level to join him ever more powerful creatures, but they needed more time to hear the call.
– Witch: a born magician, the magician has not passed formal training. Sorceress not learn spells in libraries and not overwrite them with scrolls – charms come to him in mystical revelations on delivery levels. Although the ceiling of their magic power is lower than that trained magicians are often old sorceress have access to a more diverse set of spells and can use any of them known spell as many times as are slots corresponding rank.
– Pilot: The pilot of an aircraft, able to cover long distances through the air. However, take-off and landing vehicle takes time and space. The ship can not sit down and take off vertically, it should be done in the direction of the neighboring province, and it takes one turn. Crossing the water and the mountains requires special pilot’s skills – they are available in the 10 and 20 levels of character, respectively. The pilot also can not attack from the air fortified province, be it an enemy capital or a modest fort in the boondocks.

Features of release:

Page in the Store Steam: link
Games Version: 2.0.3 Early Access
Content loaded 4 June 2016, and is identical to the licensed version of the game distributed on Steam.
Game content is packaged in a simple installer with compression by default.
Interface languages and subtitles: English, Russian

Installation and startup:

Before installing the game disable your Antivirus and Firewall so that they are not deleted (blocked files tablets)
Attention! Before installing in the client Steam, the game should already be registered on the account and the client Steam – closed!
1. Start the setup.exe file
2. Select the installation version (hacked or steam)
3. Set the game distribution



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