Title: Blackhole: Complete Edition
Release Date: February 27, 2015
Genre: Arcade (Platform)
Developer: FiolaSoft Studio
Published: FiolaSoft Studio, 1C Company
Language: Russian, English, MULTi8
Language: English, Czech
Publication Type: License
Medicine: {SKIDROW}

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium IV / AMD Athlon64 3000+ | 3 Ghz
Hard Drive: 4 GB
Video card: GeForce 6800GT / ATI Radeon X600XT | 512 MB


BLACKHOLE – is award-winning hardcore platformer c more than 15-th clock of history, which is a sci-fi comedy with a fine plot and puzzles based on gravity.
When the spaceship “Ender” is caught up in a black hole, the crew seems that the end has come. Fortunately, the ship falls on the essence – an unidentified object, like a planet. After the first accident comes a man, who was preparing coffee for the entire crew – it’s you. Around there is no soul, and your only ally – Auriel, sarcastic artificial intelligence onboard computer. However, you have to figure out how to fix the spaceship to save the rest and become a hero of the planet Earth, the black hole closed once and for all. This will be no easy task, as the mysterious caves, lost cities, high mountains and dense forests are full of tricky gravity puzzles and deadly traps.


Over 90 levels in 6 dimensions, which are to be investigated.
Hundreds of secrets that need to open, and puzzles that must be solved.
Fully voiced sci-fi comedy with a wonderful soundtrack.
Perfect pixel control keyboard and gamepad.


1. Mount image through emulators drives.
2. Install the game by following the instructions of the installation program.
3. The contents of the folder SKIDROW (on the way) to copy a folder with a game.
4. Play



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