Title: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Release Date: September 16, 2008
Genre: Action (Slasher) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: LucasArts Entertainment Company
Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment Company
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: pirates
Language: Rus
Type of translation: the text (Rusbox), videos (KiNaTaN)
Firmware: FreeBoot (run default.xex file at RGH / JTAG consoles)
Size: 6.01 GB


During the decades of “Star Wars” from a simple movie turned into a cult space saga of the legendary heroes. “Star Wars” – is a whole world full of amazing mysteries and secrets. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed lifts the veil of secrecy and provides answers to many exciting questions. A revolutionary game for the series serves as a link between the two trilogies, George Lucas, connecting the third and fourth episodes. Maitre personally worked on the plot, so be prepared for intrigue, surprising discoveries and shocking denouement. The absolute embodiment of evil in the universe of “Star Wars” has always been Darth Vader, but now a new person comes into play. A secret disciple of the dark lord is still young, but after the power is unlikely to yield the most experienced soldiers. Empire instructs his offspring crucial task – to destroy all the Jedi in the galaxy and destroy their famous Academy. Become the young Darth in the same monster as his mentor, or change its path? With the latest technology, unique solutions and gripping story by George Lucas, you do not just feel party spectacular film!


“The Missing Link. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed acts as a bridge between the two trilogies famous space saga and sheds light on the events that took place between the third and fourth episodes.
“Imperial intrigue. A secret disciple of Darth Vader is sent to the fateful mission that can change the course of history. He was ordered to burn down the legendary Jedi academy and destroy the noble knights. But no one knows what will turn its mission to end …
“Power of the Jedi! Move objects in the air, beat opponents with lightning, grab and fling them into the wall, reflects the laser pulses lightsaber and discover the other incredible tricks! This you have not seen even in the movies!
” New faces. For the first time in the history of “Star Wars” on the scene new heroes. Unfamiliar Jedi and do not appear before the villains harmoniously complement the fantastic picture.
“Familiar characters. You will meet with your favorite characters, a place of honor among them being Lord Vader himself.
“On the level of cinema. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed uses the latest technology, so that the outside world looks frighteningly plausible. Any subject is subject to all the laws of physics: the tree is lit, the water fills the available space, the plants are broken from the blows. Features of the environment can be beneficial to use in spectacular battles


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