Title: Day of Defeat: Source
Publication Type: pirates
Genre: Shooter, Multiplayer
Developer: Valve
Year: 2010
Platform: PC
Version: (inclusive till 01.09)
Language: Russian
Multiplayer: Yes
Tablet: Not required

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium 1.7 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video: 128MB, DirectX 8
Sound: DirectX – compatible sound card
Additional software: DirectX 8.0
Controls: A keyboard, mouse

Installation instructions:

1. Run the .exe file.
2. Specify the folder with the game
3. Enjoy the game!


In Day of Defeat emphasis on team tactics. Playing as any of the six different classes, players interact with each other using the built-in communications system to coordinate attacks and defense. Having armed with unique weapons, each class wins back its role to achieve team success. The aim of the game is to capture all control points on the map, destroying all enemy targets or combined task. When connected to the game, the participant chooses between two warring parties – the Wehrmacht and allies – and six classes. Each team has the appearance of a fixed area in the territory of which players respawn after death. In case of death, each player becomes part of the “reinforcements” from which he could watch the battle, but can not affect the outcome. The first killed the player initiates reinforcements timer. All the other dead players are tied to this timer after it expires at the same time returning to the fight.

Features of release:

Do not cut all the HL2 engine and DoDS files included
The latest update for the game on any No-Steam server.
Support for generations SteamID with the volume label of the railway
latest-generation emulator does not require the presence of Steam for games on the network
minimize the problems with the launch and the generation STEAM ID on certain systems
he most recent version at the moment
Fixed occasional issue with the lack binkw32.dll
Fixed occasional issue with the setting on the server under the protection VAC

Specifies inf .:

1. Those who downloaded the previous patch – this swing
2. In this version Fixed 2 problems serious


Day of DefeatDay of DefeatDay of Defeat

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