Title: Haven Moon
Year: July 8. 2016
Genre: Adventure, 3D
Developer: Francois Roussel
Publisher: Francois Roussel
Platform: PC
Language: Russian, English, French, German
Language: –
Publication Type: License

System requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel core i5
Video Card: Intel HD 4000
Disk Space: 1500 MB


The game Haven Moon you will be transported into the mysterious world, where you will explore the uninhabited islands to uncover their secrets and find the treasure. This Myst-Like, inspired by Jules Verne’s world, you can use its 6th feeling and intelligence to find a way through secret passages and strange machines.

You are teleported to Seleos, moon Menri planet. Before you opened the metal box, and inside, you find a note Turrena Hector, the only survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed his world. In his note, he explains that he wants to leave you a treasure, which he saved for throughout his life. From there, you will explore the island Seleosa to find out who was Hector Turren what happened to him and his world, where to find the treasure, and how to get back home.

Gameplay is based on research, observation, attention and problem solving. In order to get to the end of the adventure, using the stories you’ll have to solve puzzles that are integrated into the environment. You can devote the necessary time to study and solve the puzzles. Here, no one will bother you. These puzzles are made to be not complicated and not simple, as the game itself, not too long and not too short. Everything was balanced in such a way to provide you with a simple and relaxing pastime in the world of fantasy.


Intuitive puzzle. Puzzles that you will encounter in Haven Moon, fully integrated into the environment in a perfect relationship with history. They have been designed with great care to seem natural and intuitive.
Very simple and intuitive interface. The game was created to be accessible for all types of players. Interface and controls were carefully selected to be as simple and intuitive as possible with the help of navigation using only the mouse: It is necessary to drag myschyu to look around, press the left mouse button to move forward or interact with something, press the right button to go back and … that’s it!
(For those who prefer to use the WASD keys, you can still configure the keyboard in the menu “input”, but this is contrary to the design of the game).
Carefully executed schedule. Graphics Haven Moon 3D in real time, providing complete freedom of movement in the detailed and realistic environment.
(Option “light” can play in a uniform rhythm on computers with similar characteristics to the recommended minimum configuration).
The sound and music quality. To bring to the game more emotional and engaging atmosphere, Hollywood composer Leo J. Russlan created for Haven Moon orchestral music, which makes the experience more significant and exciting.
A game designed for everyone. Haven Moon – it spokynaya game for contemplation and reflection. It is a quiet and secluded location, where we hear the sounds of the wind, the sea,
with beautiful music. You can devote as much time as you want to explore and solve puzzles.


Haven Moon Haven Moon Haven Moon

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