Title: Shovel Knight
Year of release: 22 August 2014
Genre: Arcade (Platform)
Developer: Yacht Club Games
Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Platform: PC
Publishing Type: Repack
Language: Russian
Language: Not required
Tablet: enclosing (3DM)


Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Pentium IV 1,6 GHz
Video Card: 256 MB
Free hard disk space: 200 MB


Shovel Knight – is a classic adventure game with great gameplay, an 8-bit graphics and memorable, charismatic characters. In it you will find a furious mixture that has accumulated in itself, this genre over the years of existence. You will be the small but brave knight that faces a large and serious problem! He needed to defeat the evil witch and, in parallel, to save from extinction their beloved. Using the multi-purpose lopatomech, it can apply a variety of spells and abilities. However, on the way to achieving the goal of the protagonist will be faced with a whole galaxy of enemies – they are evil, harsh and merciless! The gameplay combines a lot of interesting components, you can run around and dig and fight and jump – all under a fun and lively music. Each level, the passage of which you complete over and over again, is filled with a mass of secrets, secret locations and areas.


> Dig! Run! Jump! Explore! Navigate your way through a variety of levels, stuffed with secrets.
> Narrative elements, full of lightness and humor
> A stunning soundtrack by Jake “Virt” Kaufman
> A large number of knights-bosses, for whom you can play

Features RePack:

-Do Not vyrezano-
-Do Not perekodirovano-
-Audio Quality / Video quality (100%)
-Russifiers Version: 1.2 of 17 July 2016
-Version Games- v2.2.1


Shovel KnightShovel KnightShovel Knight

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