Title: We Happy Few [IN DEV]
Year of release: 26 July 2016
Genre: Action / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: Compulsion Games
Publisher: Compulsion Games
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License [GOG] [Under Construction]
Language: English / French
Language: English
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free)

System requirements:

* Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
* Processor: 2.0 GHz
* Memory: 8GB
* Video Card: 2 GB (NVIDIA GeForce 460 GTX / AMD Radeon 5870 HD)
* Hard drive space: 6 GB


We Happy Few – a story about a brave handful of moderately awful people trying to get out of the denial of the world, reigning in Wellington Wells and hiding behind the mask of fun. Once in the drug infested city retrofuturisticheskom alternative England 1960, you have to merge among its inhabitants, belonging is not friendly to those who are not subject to their not-quite-normal rules.

England 1960, dystopia
Restored psevdoschastlivymi people retrofuturisticheskih Once in the 1960s, takes you to the ruined city of the war. It seems that all the lights and joy in Wellington Wells: the roads, the people, as well as the ubiquitous TV host named Uncle Jack! However, this beautiful world is on the verge of collapse. You will learn its history and how it became so attractive happy.

Suspicion and Joy
We Happy Few – it’s survival in procedurally generated world and salvation from it, where you need to learn to hide their emotions behind a mask of nonchalance. If your behavior is released, or if you do not podsazheny to Joy (local Cheering tablets), the locals immediately suspected something was wrong and quickly erase sullen mine with your face, using excessive force! You will have to adapt to hone the skills of camouflage and self-defense, if you want to stretch out long enough to escape.

History for adults
Characters We Happy Few is not a typical video game characters. They are not perfect and do not behave in a particular hero, they bear the imprint of the trauma of their world. Each character is associated a unique storyline, reacting to the events of the world and the place of the character in this world. Our history is definitely not for kids, but they found a place black humor, hope, and even share redemption.


– Procedurally generated world, a unique game experience with every passing
– Different levels of difficulty for beginners and experienced players
– Irreversible death – to meet your masochistic impulses
– Three modes: sandbox, history and Valley-Mode
– Unique soundtrack
– Fully voiced cinematic story told in the first person


We Happy FewWe Happy FewWe Happy Few

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