Title: Dead Nation : Complete Edition
Release Date: November 30, 2010
Genre: Arcade (Shoot’em up) / 3D / Isometric
Developer: Housemarque
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Code disc: NPEA-00300
Publishing Type: RePack
Language: Rus | Eng | Multi14
Voice Language: Eng
Firmware: CFW 3.40+
Size: 1.62 GB


In Dead Nation game comes to an end. Earth captivated hordes of hungry zombies that have appeared as a result of destructive epidemic of people. Your character – Jack Macready or Scarlett Blake – one of those who managed to survive this nightmare. And now his main goal – to break through the crowd of the living dead, who are raging on the streets, and to find a cure for the terrible virus.
He is to encounter not only with thousands of zombies, but with terrible mutants in which people have become. The path is dangerous, but no one promised jaunt. Of course, no one did not care how glavgeroy will solve this problem. To facilitate the task he was given a very impressive arsenal of weapons with which to capture the Pentagon for a few minutes. Shooter Dead Nation is not burdened with the plot, but it is not required. It’s like a little old Quake, in which the important thing is not the plot, and action.

Rising from the ashes of the apocalypse, an organization working in the shadows, interfering with human genes to create the perfect machine for killing zombies … you! Continuing the events of the original game, “Road of Devastation” will put you in front of a serious challenge. You find yourself at the crossroads of three roads, each of which leads to the various tests and enemies, as well as weapons and items that you will need to survive.


»Dead Nation pleases excellent graphics – beautiful shade, highly detailed locations, excellent physics of movement and shatters into pieces of meat of all this there is, but it is only possible to enjoy if you approach the game tactically or with a friend near by.
“In Dead Nation is present both online and offlan koopreativ for two players. And trust so much more interesting to play, because there is always someone who can cover you. Even if one of you will tear to pieces the zombie creatures to another simply to get to the checkpoint. But there is a downside – when playing together on one screen characters figure hardly distinguishable and you can easily confuse himself with another player, that you will agree, is not the best way affect the outcome of a fierce battle with the crowds of hungry zombies.
“In your arsenal will be a shotgun, machine gun and even a flamethrower, which can easily fry zombies, as well as other destructive gun. And all of these weapons can be improved. In addition, you can buy grenades and mines, which are suitable for large clusters of zombies.

Features repack:

Do not cut / no recoded
Game Version – 1.08
There is a Road of Devastation DLC
Run through the icon on the XMB (no manager)
RePacked by PURGEN

Install From Disk:

1. Write the file (s) on the disc.
2. Insert the disc into the console and go to the game \ Install Package Files.
3. Select the installation file and press X.
4. Start the game through HMV.
Installing Flash cards:
1. Copy the file (s) to the carrier.
2. Insert the Flash into the console and go to the game \ Install Package Files.
3. Select the installation file and press X.
4. Start the game through HMV.


Dead Nation Dead Nation Dead Nation

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