Title: Lucius Demake
Year: August 9, 2016
Genre: Horror Adventure
Developer: Shiver Games
Published: Shiver Games
Publishing Type: Repack
Language: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French
Language: otsutstveut
Tablet: enclosing (SSE)


Operating System: Windows XP +
Processor: 1.2 GHz
Memory: 128MB RAM
Video Card: 64 MB
Hard Disk: 200 MB


Lucius Demake – It all started with a cassette recorder, the cover of which was painted silhouette of a child running from him in the form of an inverted shadow of the cross on which was written “The Omen”. Then I looked, because of the small age and parental supervision, but all sorts of cartoons, but I did not give rest to the one cassette with a strange cover. As time went on, and at one point, I sat down with my father to watch this very “Omen”. It is 100% kinovkusy affected my life. What was my reaction, when the first, the original Lucius? I was delighted and shouting, “Ave Satani!” immediately ran to download torrents to then disappear for a few hours, which have been highly controversial. On the one hand – I, as a kind of fanboy hundred times mentioned films, was completely satisfied. The game was, it seems, the debut project, made on the knee, which also snapped up 15 points to Gryffindor. On the other hand – the game was, to put it mildly, not obvious and is tightened to such an extent that many have resorted to watching the passage. A more low budget and “of knee” is also sometimes played a cruel joke, spoiling ekspiriens.
So I passed both parts and was extremely pleased. Several years passed, and then I saw the news that the incentive came dimeyk that first Lucius, so I decided to support its developer pyatyuney dollars, and try it with nahimichili dimeykom.

Features RePack:

-Do Not vyrezano-
-Do Not perekodirovano-
-Audio Quality / Video quality (100%) –


Lucius DemakeLucius DemakeLucius Demake

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