Title: Hybrid Wars – Deluxe Edition
Year of release: 29 Sep. 2016.
Genre: Action (Shooter)
Developer: Extreme Developers
Publisher: WG Labs
Platform: PC
Publishing Type: RePack
Language: * {Russian} / {English} / MULTi6
Language: Russian ** {} / {English}
Medicine: * Not required (DRM Free / GOG /) *


“Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (only version 64-bit);
“Processor: Core i3 3.2GHz or equal;
“Memory: 4 GB;
“Video card: nVidia GTX 275 or AMD Radeon HD-7770 or better .;
“Free space on hard drive: 10 GB


Hybrid Wars – Deluxe Edition – * 2060. Humanity is on the brink of a second technological revolution. The planet is in the grip of global networks – information, energy and transport, for whom watched from orbit thousands of electronic eyes. Megacities, spaceports and huge military complexes patrolled high-tech machines. The world is controlled tanks, helicopters and submarines. Influence corporations weakens. The game takes Alex Carter, test pilot and an expert on military technology, which is destined to change the course of a hybrid war.
The Hybrid Wars you become the head of a whole arsenal of combat vehicles of the future and confronts numerous enemy attacks. Break into the world of dynamic shooter, teaming up with friends and go into the thick of the battle, where you expect 50 types of enemies. Control technology with different weapons – helicopters, robots, tanks, and mighty titan – and a leader in the struggle for survival. Explore 8 hazardous locations and has completed over 150 assignments. You have to tense standoff in numerous game modes, from single player campaign to the multiplayer exciting.


// Hybrid Wars – Deluxe Edition //
-For Basis is taken from the release (GOG) –
-Do Not vyrezano-
-Do Not perekodirovano-
-Audio Quality / Video quality (100%) –
-Game Archives are not tronuty-
-Version: V4.51.9929G6-
-Reestr a saved
Installing additional software (DirectX) –
-Language Changes settings games-
-Installation Time: ~ 5 minutes (s) (on the SSD) (Depends on the capacity of the computer)

Hybrid Wars Hybrid Wars Hybrid Wars
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