Title: 7 Days To Die
Publication Type: pirates
Genre: Action Games, Adventure Games, Indie, RPG, Simulation
Developer: The Fun Pimps
Year: 2013
Platform: PC
Version: 15.0
Language: Russian / English / French / German / Spanish
Voice Language: None
Multiplayer: Present
Tablet: Is present (onlay (LAN))


OC: WindowsXP (Service Pack 3) (x64)
Processor: 2.4 Ghz Dual Core
Video: 512MB VRAM
Hard Drive: 3 GB


In 2034 there was a nuclear war that almost destroyed the Earth and all humanity. Those who survived, he was infected with a deadly virus that kills within seven days and revived horrific zombies. No one believed, no one expected that it can be stopped. But, here, hope, and this hope appears – you. The main character of the game may be the only survivor on this planet. Your name means killer monsters, and you will kill more often than it is. You need to collect the last of his strength and overcome the virus. Perhaps you already understand why the company The Fun Pimps game called “7 Days to die.” The game will be a sandbox open world and to take the best elements of FPS, RPG, Survival Horror and Tower Defense. Developers have recently shown the first trailer for the game, which is quite pleased with our community.


The game has a craft, food cooking, forging, agriculture, as well as the laws of physics, so always keep in mind that when digging shafts they can just kill you collapse. It is worth mentioning such an important thing as buffs and debuffs. 7 Days To Die here we have a wide range of various effects such as dysentery or infection, which have treated, otherwise you can simply discard the skates. Weapons and items tend to break down, so run with one gun or bat will not endlessly – breaks. Either repaired, or do the new, here it is up to you.
Enemies in the game are different, too, in addition to zombie here are hornets (flying enemies) and dogs. Zombies are not the same type, there are both conventional and fat, which in addition to its size and xn have the opportunity to explode.
The game also has a customization of your character.
construction system in the game is interesting enough, there will have to try to make a good base. To make a stone / concrete wall you must first make a frame, and only then to improve it through.

Main features:
Version of the game – 15.0 (from 10/04/2016)
Do not cut
Do not recoded
Opportunity Network games
Russian language

How to play on the network:
Run 7DaysToDie.exe file (located in the folder with a game).

Creating a server to the Game:
3.1) New Game => Specify the name of the game, and the Zone, click Start => Play.
3.2) to inform your local IP to other players.

Connecting to the game:
4.1) Connect To Server => fit IP-address host (from Tangla or hamachi) => Start.

7 Days To Die 7 Days To Die 7 Days To Die
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