Title: BioShock 2 Remastered
Year of release: 16 September 2016
Genre: Action (Shooter), 3D, 1st Person, Compilation
Developer: 2K Boston, 2K Australia, Blind Squirrel
Publisher: 2K
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0.121755
Publishing Type: Repack
Language: Russian / English


OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel E6750 Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHZ
Video Card: 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7770 / 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 20 GB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Device


BioShock 2 Remastered – Ten years – a hefty time, even for the history of conventional city, but under the water decade, comparable to eternity. During this time, the utopian city of enthusiasm even more dilapidated, and some of its parts were completely at the mercy of water. However, it still smolders life – predatory, aggressive and always ready to fight. The most cruel and treacherous mutants still roam under the cracked dome in search of their prey. And you have to face them, because you return to Rapture … Ten years after the events of the original game in a small town on the Atlantic coast begin to make strange and sinister things – there is missing little girl. Traces of the kidnapper lost in coastal waters, and it becomes obvious that the answer to the mystery you need to look under the water. Under the dome Delight you come back in a new capacity – as the very first Big Daddy, has maintained the will and mind. At the bottom of the ocean in the ruins of the once beautiful fantastic metropolis you have to fight with their brethren, with mutants and with the new owner Delight – matured little sister …

Special features Remastered:
Texture, patterns and graphics interface, high resolution
Resolution Support 4K Resolution
The Protector Trials
You cause: Sofia Lamb is ready to realize his insane plan, and to prevent it, Dr. Tenenbaum asks you to help steal as much as possible the substance ADAM. Go check Protector Trials: you are waiting for the harsh battle-tested, which will show how well you know how to handle weapons and Plasmids (plasmids). The task of each test is simple: bring the Little Sister to the corpse, the ADAM saturated material, and expose her while she collects. BioShock 2 Remastered the Little Sister closer to their goal, the fierce resistance – whether you will be able to survive in this massacre? In each test, you will have three different calculations of weapons and Plasmids (plasmids) in order to diversify the game and fourth layout that will get players to use all the previous calculations.


Version of the game – 1.0.121755
Do not recoded
Do not cut other than languages (Russian left only)
Sewn Russian interface language from 1C adapted ZoG Forum Team under the Remastered version (version 1.0 of 01/11/16)
Sewn Russian Language adapted from 1C Siberian GRemlin under Remastered version (translation version from 18.09.16)
the way registry maintained
In the folder with a game Tablets invested additional tablets (CODEX, ALI213)
After installing the game it takes about 19 GB
Installation ~ 10 minutes (depending on your computer)
Repak is prepared for recording on DVD.
To divide a DVD you need to run a batch file (a file 2xDVD5) from the folder with the installer. When you run the batch file are scattered files on the folder you want to burn to disc. Open the folder and copy their contents to DVD5.

BioShock 2 RemasteredBioShock 2 RemasteredBioShock 2 Remastered
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