Title:: Stronghold Kingdoms
Year: 2010
Genre: Strategy, MMORTS, Online
Developer: Firefly Studios
Publisher in Russia: Akella Online
Publication Type: License
Platform: PC
Language: Russian / English
Tablet: Not required


Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Processor: 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM for Windows XP, at least 1 GB for Windows Vista / 7)
Video Card: Video card compatible with DirectX 9
Free space on HDD: 350 MB of free hard disk space


Stronghold Kingdoms – a brand new game from the series of Stronghold. The main difference from the previous part is that now you can play Stronghold online. All events are developing with real players on the global map from other countries! There were ranks, honor, the actual time of construction of buildings (both in games and in contact and classmates), the real trading system, new resources, buildings and more.

Foods added fish and vegetables. Meat produced in pig and venison as a valuable product, is produced specifically for the banquet, which in turn increases the honor. Also for banquets needed utensils, clothing, furniture, salt, various spices, and others.

Intoxicated farm combined with breweries and cereals to mills and bakeries, as a result, resources such as flour, wheat and hops are no more. There were brand new building, and some of the old buildings has changed appearance. As for building materials in Stronghold Kingdoms, they remained the same.
But the weapon has undergone some changes. Of all the types of weapons they left only bows, pikes and iron armor. Of the soldiers left pikemen, archers, swordsmen and catapults plus added lords and peasants with pitchforks.

Another innovation inherent in Stronghold Kingdoms – system improvements. Now, in order to construct any building or hire a war, it is necessary to study the corresponding improvement.


1. Run the file Stronghold_setup
2. The game starts to be installed
3. After installation, checking
4. Play for fun

P.S. Game on Windows 8 to run in administrator mode

Stronghold KingdomsStronghold KingdomsStronghold Kingdoms
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