Title: PayDay 2 – Career Criminal Edition
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Genre: Action, 3D, 1st, Person, Shooter
Developer: OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio
Publisher: 505 Games
Version: 1.16.0 (Update # 38)
Platform: PC
Language: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Voice Language: English
Subtitle Language: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Publication Type: License (Steam)
Medicine: Launcher (Online Client) and optional tablet (5 to choose from)


√ Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
√ Processor: Intel Dual Core 2,7 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 5000+
√ RAM: 1 GB (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / 7)
√ Video card: GeForce 9600 GT / Radeon HD 3870
√ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 27 GB


PayDay 2 – co-op shooter for four players, allowing all comers again get used to the role of the characters of the original PayDay – Dallas, Hoxton, Cheynsa and Wolfe. Crimenet new network offers a wide variety of cases – from the relatively simple attacks on shops and abduction of children, to robbery storage banks. As you progress through the missions, a team of four players sent to the more complex and profitable mission. At the same time there are more possibilities of customization and crafting, which allows the group to use a unique outfit.


1. Set game in a convenient place
2. Play running Launcher.exe from a folder with a game
3. If you wish to copy any other tablet on the selection of the folder with a game … PAYDAY 2Extra
Note: in this case, through the Launcher.exe game will not work
in a folder with the game, there are copies of the original files

Launcher (Online Client)
If you want to play through the Launcher in any case do not use the optional tablet. otherwise it will not work (or restore steam_api.dll)
PAYDAY 2 (Online Client): auto update is no longer running through the launcher as well as a multiplayer game through him in the lobby. in other words, Online / Internet point is not working
The best way to play alone. And it is also possible to play on hamachi with specific people in the company created a separate room. Saved games will be compatible in this case,

We need all players to connect to a registered hamachi go into the room and start the game through the item Offline / LAN

PayDay 2PayDay 2PayDay 2
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