FALLOUT 3 – FATE OF WANDERER [1.49 – Reborn] (2013) PC TORRENT


Title: Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer
Modifications name: Fate of Wanderer
Purpose: Fallout 3
The author builds: ex.Halfer
Requirements: all DLC (Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, Mothership Zeta)
modification Release Date: 12.02.2010 UPD: 09.02.2011
Modified version: 1.45 – REBORN


This assembly (the modification) significantly expands the scope of the gameplay and gives maximum detail customized balance in the game itself. In the modification includes many translated into Russian quests, new locations, expanded the old, new weapons, armor sets, opponents and companions.
This modification is assembled entirely by hand and all the plugins manually adapted to each other, checked for serviceability and edited in order to meet the balance.
Translation quality sites not idelnoe and sometimes skips English phrases, but not PROMT
The distribution included patch the game to version 1.7, required for proper operation of the modification.

What is included in the assembly:
Interesting, well-designed, translated into Russian quests language
New weapons and armor sets, fits well with the atmosphere of the game
New perks, do not break the overall balance of the game
Extending the maximum level to 99
New companions, each of which, in its own way unique
Lots of new enemies and increase their number
Custom rebalance
Interesting location, house and city
The new radio station
Visual improvements

detailed information
Added some new hairstyles and types of faces, all the novelties also apply to some NPC.
The maximum character level is increased to 99.
Added a lot of perks, some of which can only be obtained during the performance of tasks or performing certain tasks.
Expanded making things. There was a terminal to improve weapons – you can find it in his home, near the workbench. For information on creating things can be found in the terminal.
A new home for the hero in the middle of the wasteland, where you can find a computer with the history of the world of Fallout.
Added a new weapon:
Puppet “PUPS” – a humorous thing, well suited for the replacement of brass knuckles. Located in Paradise Falls.
Tesla-pulse rifle, you can find it only in labolatoriya citadel and she has got the effect of falling from the Tesla Gun (weaker and with a small radius).
Prototype “Bozar” – a remake of the sniper gun from Fallout 2. Just at the height of the knockdown, good rate, but few rounds in the cage. Located in the Republic of Dave, you can only steal.
Shotgun – can be removed from the Raiders and other enemies..
Sniper rifle Merg50, has several shooting modes. Find possible at Uncle Tempanni.
Added new types of armor:
Armor GRU special forces – idelnaya armor for players leading a secretive style of play. Fairly good protection + stealth and protection against radiation. Located in “timid”.
Added teammate Babe claw death – cute animal, does not take place in the party, you can give it a name (to choose from) can not wear things that can be treated with stimulants, good damage. Immortal (falling unconscious). He is waiting for you in the lair of the jaws of death.
Added naparnitsa – Amy Wong. In addition to quality teksturok female model is also the most intelligent partner in Fallout 3.
Can wear any weapon, armor, you give her, and also has its own types of weapons and armor. Can go home from anywhere in the wasteland, a home, you can also designate any place in the wastelands. Maybe go to buy and sell items in the store, hire yourself armed. Sensitivity to how the character relates to it. The meeting was happening to her immediately after the exit of the shelter 101.
Added and adapted modes Mart’s Mutant Mod
Increased the number of enemies in the wastelands
A more varied appearance of enemies in its class
Many new enemies – Super Mutants-begimot (this is not a big man, is more similar to the Masters, but stronger and more), Gekko, Vamingo, Flyers, Night ghouls, and others.
Added respawn in the interior (eg supermarket, metro)
Added new items from the “Help” and “Miscellaneous”
Added interface modes DUIF3 – Change the font game and adds information on the screen. At first it seems strange and petty, but quickly get used to the old one does not want to return.
Dobavleny in igpy pyukzaki, yvelichivayuschie makcimalny pepenocimy vec 15 nA.
Zamena animatsiya pepconazhey DURING RESIDENCE from 3 FACE (animatsiya bezdeyctviya, bega, xodby, xpamaniya, ctpelby, ppyzhka, podkpadyvaniya) nA bolee pealictichnyyu (Re-Animated).
Fellout – Change The filter time tsvetovoy nA pyctoshax. Ubpany zelenye ottenki (pposchay The Matrix), nebo ctalo yacnee, a noch temnee (ppivet klaccichecky Fallout).
Dobavleny novye NPC nA pyctoshi, shanc vctpetit kotopyx mozhno nactpoit chepez Pip-boy. By cmozhete popabotat ppovodnikom etix to the NPC, and vctpetyatcya topgovtsy vopy, kotopye are played vopovat y Bac kpyshechki. (MTC).
Improvement for MTC adds Travelers not only on the Heath, but also in the city.
Replaced women’s bodies (added TYPE5 + CALI). Added Raiders tattoo on the body. Men’s body at this time, too, replaced by (Breeze MO3).
Some ammunition and boxes of ammunition ditaniruyut by gunfire and explosions, which adds a lot of side-ways to kill enemies (or yourself ..)
Added scanner weapons in the Help section, which displays detailed information about the weapons worn,
WMK – Weapon Mod Kit – Expansion of the bench, which allows for a lot of weapons to put a laser designator, the sight, silencer and expand clip.
To upgrade weapons, use the workbench
You can add or remove modifications to the equipped weapons at the moment. The success of modernization depends only on the availability of module modifications.
When you remove the module, however, there is a chance that will fail, and the modification of the collapse (the higher the repair skill, the lower the chance)
In your Pip-Boy modernized weapons would be displayed with the prefix, matching add-on modules. For example, “Revolver 32 cal [SI].” – A revolver with a silencer added
Modifications for the weapons search at the merchants.
EWE (Energy Weapons Enhanced) – Enhanced effects of hitting the target, the ability to grasp the blindness and disorientation + all classical energiticheskoe Weapon:
Laser Gun “Watts 1000”
Laser Gun “Watts 1200”
Magneto-Laser Pistol
Laser rifle “Watts 2000”
Gatling Laser L30
Plasma pistol Glock 86
Mnogoplazmenny pistol Glock 86
Plasma Rifle P94
Pulse Gun UK32
Pulse Rifle UK42B
Grenade “Schroeder”
Standard energiticheskoe weapons renamed:
Laser Gun AER7
Laser Rifle AER8
Gatling Laser L28
Turboplazmenny gun
Turboplazmennaya rifle
The basis is taken of EVE, weapons added Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, an outcast. Fixed translation of all weapons, ostalableno Turboplazmennoe weapons.
Armor “Robo-tor”, and the GRU Added built NVD.
Added means of transportation – Hover. Feeds on nuclear batteries, can be installed as a weapon Podge or Minigun, Hover is something like flying on turbines buggy, it is convenient to overcome obstacles in the form of small debris.
Added Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch 1.2.0. correcting some scripts, inaccuracies in the translation, which improves the quality of pictures and a lot of useful fixes.
Added Project Beauty, adapted by MMM, Hair Pack and official DLC. NPC changes hairstyles and make their faces more beautiful.
Destruction – destructible environments, from shells and fences, ending with the destruction of some walls. Improved effects of getting different weapons.
The ability to enter the buses and houses in ruins of Washington, as an opportunity to go in an abandoned house in the big city
Slightly increased the radius of the light from the backlight Pip-Boy.
Increasing the number of slots for the autosave, configurable through the Pip-Boy. Very useful, given that Faul is so fond of killing conservation.
Weather modification with the ability to adjust the frequency of precipitation.
Added new loading screens and the background of the main menu
FWE 6.03 – Fallout Wanderers Edition
Global, almost completely customizable, changes in the balance. All settings are made via pipboy using things “[Control Panel]”
Replacing the usual fast Travel on a motorcycle or a trip on the principle of Morrowind (via conductors) – [optional]
The need for sleep, eating, drinking – [optional]
A more realistic and comprehensive chemistry
The ability to “loudly” to go through the locked door and open the container without pins
Adds new types of ammunition for the new weapons.
Adds the weight of ammunition. [Optional]
Classic weapons of Fallout.
Greatly improved and expanded aspect of “survival” in the world of Fallout – including damage and more difficult to find values
Another set of useful extra features
Nuka-Cola renamed Nuka-Cola (hello, Fargus)
Added Superstimulyatory, treated a little stronger than the standard, but instantly, be careful, there is a chance of addiction.
added armor for dogs At the request of the players.
Increased protection of the big city.
Added new monsters – Subjects F.E.V – a new kind of enemy that filled wasteland. Mutants which do not use weapons, relying only on the force.
Added iguana without sticks. Yes, yes, that kebab, the living, and without a stick in … In general, they run around the wasteland, you can even tame, for this go to the bar “at the helm” in Riverti City
Added Tailor Maid – Various Shoulders, waist, Greaves, who put on top of your armor. Fashion itself revamped and chests with these things locked with a key. The key is always there, but it still must be found; )
Paladin Cross endured plastic surgery and now looks much better.

Quest part:
Noticeably expanded Arefu.Tam settlement can be found a few new quests, completing which you will get a new home-refuge in Arefu, a new radio wave, own caravan and several unique items.
Battlestar Zeta markedly expanded. After completing the main quest in the cruiser you stanovitel his captain and will be able to perform a few quests.
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Added a few interesting quests, the reward for that – caps, experience, perks, companions, weapons, and so forth.
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Added secret labolatoriya Cube, doing the quest where you have access to unique weapons, including advanced sniper rifle, flamethrower, sledgehammer power and strength brass knuckles, as well as completely unique:
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer Beam Rifle – attack power is greater than that of plasma (but less than the pulse), very fast attack speed, but has the effect of “blinding” (the hero blinds if to shoot at targets which are too close).
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Ray Gatling – unique beam Gatling gun.The high killing power and rate of fire on a small tochnoti and have the effect of “blinding” (much more noticeable than the rifle).
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Rocket Gatling – rocket launcher, working on the Gatling system. Dangerous indoors and against blizkonahodyaschihsya purposes. Very demanding to patrons (Grenade shot).
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Experimental ultra multiply charged grenade – only suitable for firing from a distance. It produces just 4 miniyadernyh missiles from Fat.
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Plazmometov – released as a plasma grenade shells. Knockdown little more than they themselves grenades. For shot it uses 10 batteries.
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Launcher – shoots unique shells (given only 5). Shoot only with a very long distance. The damage is 10 times greater than that of the Fat “, the area size of the defeat of a city Megaton.
Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – Also there is a secret weapon – a machine gun PUPS. Damage like a grenade. The affected area is similar to the “Fat Man”
A new play area in which to complete a quest chain. Doing quests and going through a nonlinear, pass zone in several ways. The plot is based on Fallout 2 and War Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave. There you can get a unique armor sniper enclave (when you sneak – become invisible) laser rifle and sniper (rifle prototype arrived straight from Fallout 2) – the damage is not great, but most of the multiplicity and tochnoti rate.
Added a new location – shelter 314, in which to carry out certain tasks you can complete the game an alternative ending. the quest itself has several types of passage.
Added a very interesting quest “Summer Effect” Get it, you can wait a bit in the Community Canterbury. Fallout 3 – Fate of Wanderer – During the passage, be careful – the quest completely rabotosposony, although in some places is not so easy to find a solution to the problem. According to the passage of the quest you can get a unique weapon, a new partner, a lot of caps and experience. Quest has multiple endings and a reward for them will be different, for any path that gives easy to understand intuitively – take your pick.
In the wasteland added a separate city and the chain of interesting quests “Return to Shandy.” For those who love the classic Fallout it will be a real gift. The chain of quests has 2 ways of passing with different videos at the end.


Start the installation using Setup.exe.
Enter the path to the installed game Fallout 3, and then click “Install”.
In the dialog box activate the installation is complete all the proposed patches.
Download and install in the same folder as the patch. (Periodically updated, follow versions)
Start the game by using the created shortcut “Fallout 3 FoW”.
Click the “Auto sort” and tick all plug-ins (more in spoiler).
Click “Launch FOSE”.

Important information:
Do not connect a third-party modification, if not sure of 100% compatibility.
Do not substitute other files FOW – all files in the FOW recycled and adapted to each other.
Do not change the order of plug-ins to connect FOMM.
If you have “died” save (crashes when saving ANY) file:
Die in any way (if there is no way to pretend to die of 3 persons, in the console, highlight the character and type kill) and wait until I loaded the game – now the game will be fine to continue.
Error when you click “Exit” – not a bug, but a feature that allows you to play safely without any critical errors.


Do not cut or clamped
Placed on any version FO3, patched to v1.7 and contains all 5 official DLC
Starting with a single shortcut on the desktop

Fallout 3 - Fate of WandererFallout 3 - Fate of WandererFallout 3 - Fate of Wanderer
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