Title: White Noise 2
Publishing Type: Repack
Genre: Action Games, Simulations
Developer: Milkstone Studios
Year: 2016
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0 Update 5
Language: Russian / English / Spanish. (MULTI 6)
Voice Language: No.
Multiplayer: Present
Tablet: Is present (embedded: SSE / SteamWorks)


OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Dual Core processor
Video Card: DirectX 10 capable hardware
Disk space: 1 GB
Extras: 64bit OS recommended but not required


Together with a team of survivors have to run from death or being reincarnated as a terrible and start eating the hapless travelers.
White Noise 2 is a continuation of the successful co-operative Online horror film White Noise, in which several characters armed with a flashlight, fled from the monsters. In the game you will also be able to take control of one of the survivors and his friends try not to fall into the jaws of the monster. This can be done in different ways – running away quickly, and with a loud rustling, or moving quietly, discreetly avoiding unwanted encounters.
The game takes place at night in a terrible place, a deserted and dreaded. We’ll have to go through the fields, abandoned hospital, destroyed the office and gloomy, damp basements. All maps will reign pitch darkness, which may be found to break up a flashlight or flares. Particular attention is paid to the sounds – like an ordinary night, wheezing and sinister monsters.
Surviving team can defend only a flashlight, which is able to drive away the hunter away. Of course, it burns long, constantly have to find new batteries. As soon as the batteries begin to sit down, the lantern will shine weaker, and the hunter attack will become stronger. To successfully escape you need to find eight audiotapes, revealing the path to salvation.
The problem being – prevent people from record to find and destroy them one by one. As the torch light can overwhelm survivors better gradually disconnect. To do this in the presence of a great speed and the ability to see people’s auras. On the map are scattered totems that give new abilities, such as being able to see people from afar. Monster playing with a first-person, his opponents – on the third.
Totems in the game for the hunter serve as perks, adding new skills. Survivors do not have these advantages, but can choose the style of passing. When you get a stealth passage scout skills that will help to find a hunter and will make you less visible. When you get a loud passage increased supply of batteries, but you will have heard a kilometer away. Each style has a passage about equal advantages and disadvantages.
In case of death of one of the survivors of the game will not be finished for him. As a ghost he can fly around the map, search for fellow hunter and report its location. Kill the hunter does not work, it can only temporarily blind – this harmonious team must catch the monster in the light trap, which can be gathered from the lights, lanterns and so on..


* Do not cut / no recoded
* Ability to network games.
* The latest version at the moment of the game (from November 4, 2016)
Author Build: Pioneer

How to play online with a friend:
Running White Noise 2 network in multiplayer:
2.1) Open Steam, go into any account.
2.2) Launching a game is carried out on behalf of the administrator: WhiteNoise2.exe.

Creating a server to the Game / Connecting to servers:
3.1) Play => Select Side => will be created the game / or connect to already established.

White Noise 2White Noise 2White Noise 2
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