Title: Carmageddon: Max Damage
Release date: 27 October. 2016
Genre: Arcade, Racing, Cars, 3D
Developer: Stainless Games Ltd
Published: Stainless Games Ltd
Platform: PC
Publishing Type: RePack
Language: RUS | ENG
Voice Language: ENG
Tablet: enclosing (ali213)


✔ Operating system: Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
✔ Processor: Intel i3-2100 3.1GHz and better (on the old dual-core systems, the game will hang)
✔ Memory: 4 GB RAM
✔ Video Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 or AMD Radeon HD 6870
✔ Sound device: compatible with DirectX 11
✔ Free space on hard drive: 12 GB


Carmageddon: Max Damage – the newest game of the legendary series Carmageddon. Carmageddon – a sensation for those who like to drive fast. Pedestrians (and even cows) to bring her glasses, and as opponents are the real crazies in unimaginable, unreal, murderous wheelbarrows. It’s so cool that you forget about the other races! You will be more full of adrenaline game modes, where you will perform against the AI. Available also multiplayer modes against other fans Carmageddon! Move up the ladder alone or select multiplayer mode and enjoy the participation in one of the events: Car Crusher, Fox ‘n’ Hounds (unchanged favorite game session Stainless MP!), Death Race and Checkpoint Stampede. All of them – outrageously funny, and full of the outrageous violence that has become the crown chip Carmageddon, crazy gains and continuous laughter … and more! You will be able to relive all this destruction holiday, thanks to the integrated system, Action Replay. This is – a lot of cameras and replay mode, which means you will never miss the opportunity to make a bunch of little, mangled wheelbarrows! You can put your videos to the network and show off flattened pedestrians, sharing achievements. This stuff here in bulk: achievement tests, collectibles, backed hunt … All your family is waiting for the moment to enjoy the game: hour after hour, in a spray of blood and motor oil …


Wheelbarrow – just fly away! In Carmageddon: Max Damage you will find an incredible variety of steep, fucking, nothing on similar murderous wheelbarrows, each of which boasts its own, very bright character. Carmageddon machines created just for flattening opponents and knocking down pedestrians! Almost 20 years ago, developers of the first game of the series Carmageddon thought out new principles of physics game and display machines and damage surrounding elements in real time. We have the responsibility to bring these technologies to the requirements of our time and created a completely new system of artistic display of damage (and repair) of cars. Crashed, push, korezhte and simply flatten the car of their opponents – and their own. Fend off these parts, dissect them in half; the game was originally dedicated to the destruction of cars and run over pedestrians, and now we have brought all this to a new level! You will be able to equip his car enhancements that increase the power of its engine performance, armor and attacks. You will be available, and other settings that allow you to develop your own handwriting on the part of the murderous raids.
In this game, a lot of the favorites appears again from the first Carmageddon: Max Damage , and – completely new person. Previously, you saw them only on images with low resolution, and are now able to see from head to toe (well, in the case of Screw – from head to knees) in the entire 3D-glory. However, you will most likely see them punched her windshield and speeding past your (or crash into it)!
New locations and the combination of the best parts of many landscapes that we loved so much to destroy in Carmageddon: Max Damage . Levels of “Bleak City”, “Canyon of the devil”, “Dusty Trail”, “MagNyuHem” and “Snow” returned in updated form, but it is still possible to find such unforgettable sights like the dead loops, acid pits, and a football stadium. These location – just a culmination of surrealism! We even managed to fit in one of the huge levels mixer!
Topography and details of each location are updated and improved. Now you can find more cool pieces, which can crash, crush, tear and fling right toward the poor fellows pedestrians. “Not bad, sir!” Oh, and pedestrians …
Yes, the game is over you can find a wide selection of adult pedestrians of all kinds, colors, colors and creeds. The game returned to the unforgettable classics: old woman with a walker, a cane with Dzyadok … Remember, he exclaimed: “Yes, I went through the war!” And yet – the seductive beauty in a bikini, fat bastards and herds of cows grazing in the most inappropriate places. There are also some new faces: cyclists, people in wheelchairs and scooters maneuverable. Carmageddon – is equal opportunity for all pedestrians, be they blacks elderly years!
Gain back, and now they are even more fun, surreal, mind-blowing and painful than it has ever been! Many classical reinforcements – repulsifikatory, kangaroos, solid granite – are now available in superusilennom performance. There were also new amplification, for example, “Pelvic Thrust” and a number of new Pribluda grouped under the code name “Tossers”! Combine gain, creating incredible combos: pedestrians fill with helium or tear off their feet!


The basis is taken from the release CODEX
Do not cut / no recoded
Patched to version – (Update 3)
DLC: Eagle and Hawk
Installation time 3 minutes

Carmageddon: Max DamageCarmageddon: Max DamageCarmageddon: Max Damage
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