Title: The Cave
Year of release: 23 January 2013.
Genre: Arcade, Platform, 3D
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Publisher: SEGA
Publication Type: digital License (Steam-Rip)
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish + Russian (optional).
Voice Language: English.
Tablet: Is present (RELOADED)


> Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
> Processor: a dual-core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz
> Memory: 1 GB RAM
> Video Card: GeForce 8800, the Radeon 3850 or Intel HD 2000 with 256 MB of graphics memory
> Free space on hard disk: 1.5 GB available space


The Cave – a new adventure game from the author of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert, released by the studio Double Fine Productions, Psychonauts and famous games Brütal Legend.

Assemble your own team of seven adventurers inevitably, each of which has its own character and history. Ahead you will find an underground amusement park, a medieval castle, and – almost forgot – ready to launch intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles. Cave awaits!


Caving without borders. Explore a huge cave, without interruption to the load. This striking the world will make a lasting impression!
Assemble a team! You can choose from 7 characters, each with their own talents and dark secret.
The cave is unique in its kind. Lovers of classical caving disappointed once run into an underground amusement park or a medieval castle, not to mention the intercontinental nuclear missile!
Let’s work together! Switch between characters to solve puzzles and mysteries. You can explore the cave, and together with your friends in local co-op.
Unravel all the mysteries of the Cave. Go down into the cave again – already with another team to find out the story from a different point of view and to find new puzzles and space, not to mention the treasures (they can not be exchanged for cash) and collectible items.
The cave is alive! Enjoy a detailed portrayal of the world and humor of the game that could only be born in the mind of Ron Gilbert and Double Fine.


1. Download the distribution
2. Select the installation version (hacked * or steam **)
3. Set the game distribution
4. Play!
* Anti swears files tablet when installing disable all anti-virus software, and further add to the game folder in your bookmarks which would reboot after all the files pills remained in place.
** For normal installation of the licensed version of the Steam client must be closed!

Depending on the choice of installation. Softonic set of rusifikator folder located in the root of the installation package.

Steam ID: 221810;
Steam-Rip is completely identical to the activated via Steam licensed copy of the game.

The CaveThe CaveThe Cave
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